Floating City Apps

Around one billion people live in urban slums; most of them close to open water. What most urban slums share in common is a lack of clean water, health care, electricity, sanitation and other basic services. The idea is as simple as ingenious. Standard sea-freight containers are equipped for specific functionalities, for example, education, health care, waste or sanitation. The containers, which can easily be duplicated, are transported to the slums by sea cargo. At the slums steel frame floating foundations are built by using recycled PET bottles. By fitting the containers to the floating foundations flexible units are created, which can be added to those parts of the slums where they are needed the most.

Comparable to adjusting a smart phone by adding apps, the functionalities in a slum can be altered by adding different Floating City Apps. The Floating City Apps form an innovative tool for: using available building space efficiently, implementing flexible, adjustable and are re-usable solutions, recycling the mountain of plastic waste and ensuring a method that is ‘scar less’, meaning that functions can be removed without leaving any scars to the environment.

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